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About the Society

The European Fertility Society is an evidence based society that gives tools, support and education to patients and fertility clinics. EFS aims at facilitating and increasing patients’ support and positive experience during their fertility journey.

The European Fertility Society (EFS) advocates universal improvements in patient care.

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FertiAlly.com supports EFS.

FertiAlly.com has assembled a team of leading fertility specialists including doctors, embryologists, psychologists, coaches, counsellors and therapists to share their expertise in video responses to questions posed by patients. The videos are freely accessible on the platform’s website and YouTube channel. For every video published on FertiAlly.com a 5 Euro donation will be made to …

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Patient Care Guidance

In the European Fertility Society (EFS) we advocate universal improvement in patient care, giving tools, support and education to patients and fertility clinics. We strongly believe in the importance for patients to have a positive and enriching experience during their fertility journey together with the health team that accompanies them. Is for this reason that …

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What you should know before you start an IVF cycle – EFS Webinar Series 2021.

After taking charge over the myIVFanswers.com platform (MIA), the European Fertility Society has prepared an action plan for 2021. During the first half of the year patients may attend almost 100 webinars connected with the main idea of: “What you should know before you start an IVF cycle“. There are going to be additional 50 …

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The European Fertility Society now to give IVF AWARD.

By agreement between The European Fertility Society and IVF Media Ltd., in consideration of the mission for which The European Fertility Society was established, the IVF AWARD competition will be continued by The European Fertility Society. IVF AWARD is a recognition given to the most patient-friendly and care-centred IVF clinics since 2015. IVF AWARD was …

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MIA Experts Advisory Board meeting for the first time

MyIVFanswers.com Experts Advisory Board, appointed by the European Fertility Society, held their first meeting on December 9-10, 2020. Experts, representing different trends of thought, approaches and practical experience in dealing with fertility patients, debated on the substantive scope of topics to cover in coming online events. Members of the myIVFanswers.com Experts Advisory Board:(in alphabetical order) …

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The European Fertility Society in charge of myIVFanswers.com – No 1 global fertility webinar platform.

MyIVFanswers.com (MIA) is an online platform for patients struggling to become parents. Its aim is to respond to fertility patient’s queries efficiently and reliably so that they can have full faith and confidence in the decisions they are taking. This is achieved thanks to educational webinars and fertility experts conducting them: IVF doctors, embryologists, biologists, …

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