What you should know before you start an IVF cycle – EFS Webinar Series 2021.

After taking charge over the myIVFanswers.com platform (MIA), the European Fertility Society has prepared an action plan for 2021. During the first half of the year patients may attend almost 100 webinars connected with the main idea of: “What you should know before you start an IVF cycle“. There are going to be additional 50 live events between September and December. All of them, as always, covering various topics related to infertility treatments and support.

“What you should know before you start an IVF cycle” EFS webinar series topics will divide into 10 thematic groups:   

  • Lifestyle and fertility (nutrition, sport, stress, emotions, life style factors and others).
  • Fertility assessment.
  • Female reproduction.
  • Male reproduction. 
  • Embryology.
  • Genetics.
  • Psychological care and emotional support. 
  • Legislation.
  • Complimentary therapies (acupuncture, supplements, reflexology, Reiki, yoga, hypnotherapy and others).
  • New and experimental techniques. 

All the groups shown above belong to the so-called ‘wish list’ and have been most often asked for by the viewers. They cover almost entirely a wide range of issues that people are most interested in before they start their fertility journey. 

MIA have teamed up with the best IVF specialists who can explain the most complicated health or legal issues in a clear and ‘patient friendly’ way. Thanks to them, even such subjects as genetics, legislation or experimental IVF techniques do not seem to be beyond the grasp of “ordinary” viewers. It is good to remember that among MIA webinar viewers, there are not only the ones who have been undergoing fertility treatments for years now.  There are also people only thinking about choosing IVF as their route to parenthood – and for them, educational and reliable content of the MIA webinars may turn out to be decisive in making life changing decisions.