About us

The European Fertility Society is an evidence based society that gives tools, support and education to patients and fertility clinics. EFS aims at facilitating and increasing patients’ support and positive experience during their fertility journey.

The European Fertility Society (EFS) advocates universal improvements in patient care

Fertility Patient Care Society.

EFS operates globally and assist fertility clinics, patient organisations as well as a reproduction societies in focusing on patient centredness. Such an approach ensures that the patients’ needs, values, and preferences are appropriately considered.

In order to help fertility centres adhere to recommendations on proper fertility patient care, we provide support via advisory services and education. Our activities will also include fertility centres certification within patient care standards.


“When I was talking to hundreds of fertility patients, most of them told me the same: patient-centred care does not exist.”  – Jakub Dejewski, Chairman of the European Fertility Society

When the Covid-19 pandemic has started, there was an urge to help people trapped in it. To do just that, Jakub Dejewski, Aleksander Wiecki and Karolina Kulczycka have launched the #StrongerTogether initiative. They started hosting webinars in April and later realised that more can be done to help fertility clinics and patients regarding patient care all over Europe. They shared the idea to create Pan-European standards of patient-centred care with other professionals from the fertility market. Upon receiving support and positive feedback, Jakub has started inviting fertility experts to the guidance development group and began the formal preparation to establish the society. Finally, The European Fertility Society was founded on the 8th of December 2020.

During the first year in operation, the EFS has developed the Fertility Patient Care Guidance and hosted the Fertility Care Awards. The EFS also offers educational webinars for fertility patients in four languages: English, Italian, Spanish, and French.