Cindy Charles

United Kingdom

Cindy Charles has been working as a Fertility Coach and Patient Advocate for over 12 years in clinical and private settings. She is the Founder of Fertility Know How, which is designed to save people ‘Time, Tears and Money’ on their road to conception.

Cindy uses diagnostic and certified well-being coaching techniques to empower clients with the knowledge and skills they need to maximise their chances of a healthy pregnancy. Cindy has two children conceived through IVF following her own arduous journey through fertility treatment, which motivated her to run support groups in Kent, London and now Dubai.

She has connected hundreds of couples and single women with others in similar situations, whilst providing education and resources to support their fertility journeys. Cindy has worked for Fertility Network UK and London Women’s Clinic, as well as with numerous stakeholders, to offer factual, beneficial support and guidance to her clients, coaching them from pre-conception into the early days of parenting and beyond.