Emma Haslam

The United Kingdom

Emma Haslam has become the go-to expert in fertility treatment in Europe. Following the birth of her son Emma set up Your IVF abroad – the UK’s only independent reproductive agency that does not take commission from clinics and is run by Emma.

Emma has become the expert that the Haslam’s needed and did not exist. Aiming to change the narrative, Emma is an advocate, speaker, campaigner, podcaster and writer for the infertility community and on donor conception. Emma is able to do all of this as she has lived it.

Emma is all about putting you in control, helping you to make informed impartial decisions and give you the best chance of growing your family, with no regrets and she is on a mission to make fertility testing and treatment more transparent, affordable, accessible, safe and supported. Putting you back in control of your journey with infertility.

Emma writes a regular blog and has a podcast ‘Your IVF abroad’. Emma has featured as a guest on lots of podcasts and blogs she is an fertility treatment abroad guest expert on two infertility platforms as well as appearing in the national and international press.

Emma lives with husband Adam and son Albie. During her downtime she enjoys walks in the Yorkshire Dales, family holidays and cooking.