Emma Haslam

The United Kingdom

Emma Haslam is the expert in IVF abroad and with husband Adam co-founder of Your IVF abroad. Aiming to change the narrative, Emma has become an advocate, speaker, campaigner and writer for the infertility community and on donor conception. Emma is able do to all of this because she has lived it. Emma is on a mission to help as many people as possible and to make fertility treatment a more supported, accessible and affordable option, for more people.

Emma has featured on The Fertility Podcast, For Trying Out Loud and appeared in the press, on the radio and Instagram takeovers. Emma runs a free peer Facebook support group for those in the infertility community, Emma has written and hosts guest blog posts on behalf of the trying to conceive community and has been interviewed and featured in a book about infertility. The Fertility Circle and the Enhanced Fertility Programme, run by TedX speaker Fertility Nurse Consultant, Andreia Trigo.