Lisa White

The United States

Lisa White is an IVF Coach specializing in helping women navigate the emotional ride of IVF while staying empowered on their path to motherhood. She is the author of the #1 bestselling book ‘HOLD ON, BABY’ – A Soulful Guide to Riding the Ups and Downs of Infertility and IVF.’ Lisa is the creator of the IVF Soul Align Method; A framework she lived, documented, and now guides others through. Her 20+ year background as an occupational therapist contributes to the holistic “OT lens” she infuses in her coaching. Lisa provides virtual coaching support to women around the world in both private 1:1 and group coaching settings.  

As a lifelong practitioner of manifestation and intentional living, Lisa has made her “Miracle Mindset” a way of life. She invites individuals to lean into their fertility journey. She believes the road of IVF can be one of more joy, more ease, and magic. Lisa is passionate about helping women hold onto hope, and most importantly hold onto themselves while on their path to motherhood.