Louise Siwicki


Head of Country Development.

Louise Siwicki is an Award Winning Holistic Fertility Specialist, Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach.

Her passion has become supporting women’s mindset and mental health through the journey of infertility. She has worked with hundreds of women globally to remove psychological blocks preventing them from conceiving.

Louise’s role is to transform her client’s mindset to get them to a place where they truly believe they will become a mum when the time is right—and to accept sometimes we can’t control how that looks. To look at what programming is creating the story they tell themselves. To support them to create a new, empowering story about their fertility journey. To have them realise you can find joy on that journey.

Louise is open about her story because it lets women feel comfortable sharing their own, and shows they’re not alone and there is life on the other side of infertility.