Dr Narges Maleki


Head of Country Development.

Narges Maleki is a leading expert in the health and fertility field with more than 8 years of clinical and paraclinical experience. She is the international advisor for Canada in both the public and private sectors. She is the Official Inventor member of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA), Geneva, Switzerland. she has been a Clinical and Research Manager at the Gynecology and Reproductive Biology Department for +5 years. Also, she has been a university lecturer for some years. Narges Maleki is a professional individual in English and French languages and is studying Ph.D. in Reproductive Biology, Clinical Embryology. She has written and published dozens of ISI articles and International books, for doing practical research of which, she had been granted university Grants, and the majority of which has been presented at International congresses.

The International Prize 2021 of the European Society of Scientists was awarded to outstanding laureates Narges Maleki for her achievements in the mutual field of human fertility and ecology preservation. she was also the medal award winner for the best speaker of the Swiss International Women’s Congress 2021.