Ola Taiwo


The founder of Fertility Conversations is Ola Taiwo. Ola is the host of the Fertility Conversations Podcast- the 1st fertility based podcast in Africa. 

Ola facilitated the 1st Fertility Awareness Week in Nigeria in January 2022 to help raise awareness about Infertility and to help people feel less alone. 

Ola is a Certified Fertility Health Coach and Infertility Warrior. She started Fertility Conversations initially as a support space for people who have experienced pregnancy loss and people dealing with infertility. The goal of the support group is to help people know they are not alone and to support individuals and couples as they navigate their infertility journeys. She also hosts monthly support sessions on zoom. 

Ola has now expanded the support group to a registered foundation; Fertility Conversations Foundation;  in order to better provide support to people dealing with Infertility and to advocate for change in Nigerian society and across the globe. 

Due to the fact that Infertility is highly stigmatized and often unspoken about, many people dealing with fertility delays often feel alone and isolated. Ola is currently on her journey to Motherhood and understands the challenges and societal pressure that individuals and couples going through fertility delays experience, which is why she decided to speak out and share her experience in the hope of making others feel less alone. 

To further provide support, Ola created a support space for people living in and outside Nigeria. She coaches and mentors people living in various countries around the globe and provides 1:1 coaching as well as group sessions. Her mantra is always for people to find a way to continue living a fulfilling life while trying to conceive.