TJ Peyten

The United States

TJ Peyten is a Georgia native with a mission to raise awareness about Male Factor Infertility, especially in communities of color.

TJ’s infertility journey started in 2013, when, after five years of marriage, it was discovered that her husband was the factor in their inability to conceive. Frustrated at the lack of support and resources available for those struggling with male infertility, TJ used her journal as an outlet to deal with the pain. After several years of coping with their infertility through her journal, TJ finally got the courage to share her story with the world through her book Semen Secrets: Truths and Confessions of a Wife’s Journey Through Male Infertility.  TJ’s journey to parenthood was not easy, but in 2019, TJ and her husband were blessed to finally realize their dream of becoming parents to a beautiful baby girl.

TJ currently works in public health and holds a bachelors in English and Communication, a masters in Communication, a masters in Social Work and a Doctorate in Health Education. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, traveling, journaling, eating great food, and watching college football.