Zara Shettima

United Kingdom

Zara Shettima is an author and three-time gestational surrogate.

Having worked in patient-facing roles on maternity wards for over a decade, building close relationships with patients has led to greater awareness and understanding of common obstacles to conception This has also exposed her to a large variety of fertility experiences.

With a desire to help, acting as a surrogate has enabled her to see first-hand the lengths some parents must go to on their pathways to parenthood. In order to achieve her surrogate pregnancies, she has experienced a number of fertility procedures, including five rounds of IVF, giving her a unique perspective.

Driven by her experiences, she has since gone on to write ’The Surrogacy Guide’. Passionate about helping people wishing to become parents via the surrogacy route, her book provides unbiased information whilst being accessible to all by demystifying the process and providing support throughout their entire journeys.

‘The Surrogacy Guide’ is her first book and is available on Amazon.