Arina Rogozina
Co-Founder & CEO of CAPTCHAT
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Boost Patient Engagement: How to Increase the Number of First Consultations?

During this session, Arina Rogozina, Co-Founder & CEO of CAPTCHAT will explore strategies and practical approaches to enhance patient engagement, particularly focusing on increasing the number of first consultations in the fertility sector. By leveraging innovative technologies and effective strategies, fertility clinics can improve patient experiences and increase the number of patients.
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Webinar expert:
Arina Rogozina

Arina Rogozina, Co-Founder & CEO of CAPTCHAT, is a trailblazer in the healthcare industry with over a decade of experience. CAPTCHAT is a passion project dedicated to enhancing the online experience for fertility clinics and their patients.
Arina’s expertise lies in medical tourism and cross-border reproductive care, where she has made significant contributions.
Her unwavering commitment to excellence has played a pivotal role in the successful launch and growth of various companies within the medical and fertility sectors. Her profound understanding of the sector’s needs and challenges led her to identify a new niche where her company’s services provide innovative solutions for fertility clinics.
Adapting to the dynamic landscape of the industry, Arina continually embraces change and remains agile. By doing so, she ensures that her strategies consistently align with cutting-edge innovation.

Webinar overview:

The webinar will provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for fertility clinics aiming to boost patient engagement and increase the number of first consultations. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of leveraging technology and communication to foster meaningful patient relationships and enhance clinic success.

Topics covered:

  • Importance of Patient Engagement
  • Strategies to Increase Patient Engagement & First Consultations
  • Insights and Trends
  • Innovative Solutions with CAPTCHAT
  • Current Challenges in Patient Engagement
EFS Webinars for Professionals
Boost Patient Engagement: How to Increase the Number of First Consultations?
Event Date:
24 July | 2 PM [GMT]
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The official language of the webinar is English.