Brandon Hensinger, the EFS National Representative in the United States!

The European Fertility Society is expanding! We are proud to announce that Brandon Hensinger has joined the Committee of National Representatives, starting in early April. Brandon will develop and lead society’s activities in the United States of America. He will also represent the society to organizations, government bodies, media, potential members and sponsors.

Brandon is the CEO of Avrio Genetics, a global reproductive health business expansion consultant, author, speaker, and experiential leadership development expert, conducting business on every continent. He has a passion for reproductive medicine and genetics, and his goal in all he does is to work with his colleagues and partners around the world to change people’s lives, fulfill their dreams, and change the world.

He has led the launch of the world’s first Non Invasive PGT-A test, designed global business models, established distribution channels for some of the world’s most reputable genetics laboratories, and conducted M&A due diligence, which has allowed him to build longstanding relationships in the industry. Speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin, Brandon travels the world introducing innovative products and services to the market, and is proud to be a member of EFS.