Julie Morgan
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Challenges of fertility clinics in a restricted regulation of patient's rights

In this webinar, Julie Morgan, an Experienced Assisted Reproductive Technology Practitioner and Founder at All About Infertility, has discussed complex legislations fertility clinics have to deal with in their daily processes and their impact on services offered to patients.
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Webinar expert:
Julie Morgan

Julie Morgan RGN, MSc, APM (PFQ) is an experienced Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) practitioner from the United Kingdom.

She has extensive experience of the Clinical, Operational and Human Resources Management of fertility clinics and is a member of multiple ART and Project Management societies together with the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

Currently working as a consultant in ART research and development, she has a particular interest in Femtech and developing algorithms for individualised controlled ovarian stimulation.

Julie has recently founded ‘All About Infertility’, an online social media company that provides evidence-based information for patients at all stages of their fertility journey.

Webinar overview

The webinar looks into how clinics regulate their services and how the services offered depend on the laws/legislation of the country that they are in.

Themes covered:

  • Understanding the complexities of regulating a fertility clinic. What is being regulated and why?
  • How does legislation vary from country to country?
  • What do Gamete and Embryo storage regulation rules mean for patients and staff?
  • What happens if patients want to move their Gametes or Embryos between clinics or to another country?
  • What happens when a country changes or amends it’s rules?
  • What happens if patients change their minds or their circumstances alter?

Is it a paid event?

The webinar is FREE for members and non-members of the European Fertility Society. However, the number of seats is limited, so make sure to book yours now!

EFS Webinars for Professionals
Challenges of fertility clinics in a restricted regulation of patient's rights
Event Date:
October 19 | GMT 11.00 am
CET 12.00 pm / EET 1.00 pm / EST-MSK 2.00 pm
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The official language of the webinar is English.