Dr Narges Maleki becomes the EFS National Representative in Canada!

A new team member has joined The European Fertility Society in early December! We are proud to announce that Dr Narges Maleki has joined the Committee of National Representatives. Narges will develop and lead society’s activities in Canada and will represent the society to organizations, government bodies, media, potential members and sponsors. In addition to this, Narges is taking up the role as the French webinar host!

Narges is a leading expert in the health and fertility field with more than 8 years of clinical and paraclinical experience. She is the international advisor for Canada in both the public and private sectors. She is the Official Inventor member of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA), Geneva, Switzerland. Narges has been a Clinical and Research Manager at the Gynecology and Reproductive Biology Department for +5 years. Also, she has been a university lecturer for some years.

Narges is a professional individual in English and French languages and is studying Ph.D. in Reproductive Biology, Clinical Embryology. She has written and published dozens of ISI articles and International books, for doing practical research of which, she had been granted university Grants, and the majority of which has been presented at International congresses.