Dusha Radosavljevic


Dusha Radosavljevic, a seasoned midwife, lifestyle medicine practitioner, and preconception & fertility health and wellness specialist brings over three decades of expertise. With a passion for holistic care, Dusha offers comprehensive support to individuals preparing for conception, focusing on achieving peak physical and mental well-being.

Through her unique approach blending lifestyle medicine principles and comprehensive health optimization techniques, Dusha empowers clients to nurture their bodies and minds, creating the ideal foundation for a successful conception and pregnancy. With a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between lifestyle choices and fertility, she offers evidence-based strategies and personalized guidance to foster hormonal balance, alleviate stress, and boost reproductive health.

Whether through online sessions or live consultations in Athens, Greece, Dusha is committed to helping individuals on their fertility path. For more details, explore her website at www.lifemedadvisor.com  and connect with her vibrant Instagram community at #fertilityholisticboost and #lifemedadvisor.