EFS appointed the new Member of the Executive Committee

The European Fertility Society is pleased to welcome a new member to the Executive Committee. The Board of Directors appointed to this position Mr. Sandeep Sharma. He has already been an active member of EFS for being Chairman of the Global Strategy Committee, as well as the Head of MENA region, where he gained immense experience.

“I have spent over a decade severing the IVF community globally and personally had many touch points with couples from different countries and ethnicities wanting to start a family; enabling such people and bringing them that joy is priceless. Through my role EFS, as well as Vmarsh and EFS’ partnership, we are determined to support the IVF clinics that are and shall associated with EFS, by enhancing their values, outreach, patient experience, and quality of services provided, so that it helps maximise the benefits that can be bought to patients through these clinics, where couples arrive in hopes for a miracle.” – said Mr. Sharma.

As a new Executive Committee member, Sandeep Sharma has many ideas on how to set new directions for development. He himself emphasizes the direction, would like to take:

  • Enhance EFS’ reach and awareness globally through Vmarsh’s clients and network worldwide; and help IVF Clinics, Patients/Couples, Counsellors, Clinicians and other associated with the IVF industry, understand how EFS can help achieve/enhance their goals in the community.
  • Look at solving the problems that IVF Clinics/their stakeholders currently face or help them attain their improvement plans/capacity building & organisational goals.
  • Work towards strengthening EFS’ academic/training/certification capabilities by combing both EFS and Vmarsh resources.

“I am delighted to be chosen as the newest member of the Executive Committee of the European Fertility Society and be amongst friends and peers, with whom it is always fun to work and grow with” – concluded its nomination Mr. Sharma.