Eleonora Voltolina


Eleonora Voltolina is a journalist and social entrepreneur, editor-in-chief of the Swiss project Journalism for Social Change. Activist, writer, TEDx speaker, Ashoka Fellow, and mum.

She believes that journalism can be used as a lever to address and solve the social problems of our time, increasing citizens’ awareness, coming forward with political and cultural innovation proposals, and giving voice to segments of society whose stories often remain submerged.

In 2022 she founded The Why Wait Agenda in order to address the issue of fertility and birthrate with the goal of reducing the “fertility gap”, the unbalance between the desired number and actual number of children women are having, and creating a society in which people do not feel forced to put off the decision of starting a family. The Why Wait Agenda is available in English, French and Italian; it has a profoundly secular and pro-choice perspective and identity.