Fertility Patients Care Guidance – now available in Ukrainian

The European Fertility Society is excited to announce that Fertility Patients Care Guidance is now also available in the Ukrainian language. We teamed up with Prof. Oleksands Yuzko, the Chairman of the UARM Board, and The Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (UARM) itself to provide guidance to all Ukrainian fertility clinics, professionals, and patients who will now have access to the resources and tools, previously available only in English.

The Fertility Patients Care Guidance was developed to provide broader coverage of key aspects of patient care at fertility clinics, offer ongoing support to patient care specialists, and contribute to overall patient care improvement.

The information included in the Fertility Patient Care Guidance is thought to be useful for raising staff awareness of patient preferences and needs. Its aim is to focus on the patients’ experience throughout their treatment journey, as well as how fertility clinic staff can detect and address their needs.

Both versions are free to download for any fertility professional who wants to excel in patient-centred systems and fully support patients throughout their fertility journey.

CLICK HERE to download both English & Ukrainian version of the guidance