First Anniversary of the European Fertility Society

The European Fertility Society is 1 year old! Today we are celebrating the first anniversary of our society which was founded exactly a year ago, on the 8th December 2020. In those difficult times of the pandemic, we felt there had been space and need for an evidence-based society that provides tools, support and education to patients and fertility clinics.

The mission of the European Fertility Society is twofold: to educate, support, and help fertility patients make their fertility journey more friendly and care-based; and, to also support fertility clinics through training sessions for their health and patient care staff, setting patient care guidance, recommendations, and certification of their processes.

The value of the European Fertility Society is the people who make it happen. We would like to thank all society members, both fertility experts and clinics, committee representatives, Fertility Care Guidance Development Group consisting of 18 members and the GDG Chairman (Dr. Giuliana Baccino), Fertility Care Awards Judging Panel consisting of 26 members, and the Chairman of the panel (Andreia Trigo), and our Corporate Supporters: Fairfax CryoBank and Thank you!

“It seems like it was yesterday when I was sharing the idea of the creation of the EFS with friends, colleagues, and professionals from the fertility community. A deep heart need gave us the motivation to act then and continues to give it today.

EFS achieved really a lot during its first year of operations. It would have not been possible without all these great people who really believe in the need of supporting others. This mission united us – people who love to help. People who strongly believe that only together we can achieve much more. The evidence after the first year of working together exceeded our expectations.

I would like to thank all the members who decided to join and support our mission. I would like to thank the Scientific Committee and its Chairman Dr. Giuliana Baccino for their hard work. I would like to thank the Certification Committee and its Chairman Dr. Claudia Mika who supports and prepares the EFS to its new, certification activities. I would like to thank the Guidance Development Group and its Chairman Dr. Giuliana Baccino for their hard work the effects of which we will be able to discover very soon.

Thank you to all Country Representatives who share the EFS’s mission in their countries. This is so important to make the knowledge, facts, and figures more accessible all around Europe. I would like to thank the Fertility Care Awards Judging Panel Members and its Chairman Andreia Trigo for their hard work this year. I would like to thank all hosts of the EFS fertility webinars which are held in English, Italian, and Spanish (and in French very soon). I would like to thank all the authors and coaches of the Fertility Patient Care Training Programme. And last, but not least, I would like to thank the Executive Committee. It is an honour for me to accomplish the missions of the ESF with you.” says Jakub Dejewski, Chairman of the European Fertility Society

“Until the European Fertility Society was created, patient’s support and fertility clinics were in different paths. As fertility professionals, we had the chance to join scientific societies or patient associations, but we did not have the opportunity to work for both parts in the same society. With the creation of the European Fertility Society (EFS) this situation changed. As Vice-chair of the EFS and Chair of the Scientific Committee, I can say that we are very proud of having achieved in one year, together with colleagues and former patients of different countries, very important goals.

The first one, is the Patient Care Guidance, a unique, practical, and user-friendly tool to help fertility clinics provide holistic care to their patients. The second one is the interest shown by a big number of fertility clinics worldwide that are joining us as members and co-producers of webinars for patients and fertility staff. The third goal achieved this year was being invited by other scientific societies to present our Patient Care Guidance in future events, due to the interest that fertility professionals and patient associations are demonstrating in our tool.

And last, but not least the EFS awards. We were honored to have so many applications and high-standard fertility professionals interested in being recognized by the EFS in their dedication, expertise and support to fertility patients.

This fruitful year makes us, as Executive Committee and Scientific Committee honoured and proud of our team, our members, and above all, thankful for having the possibility of helping fertility clinics and patients together. Happy first EFS year!” writes Giuliana Baccino, Scientific Chairman of the European Fertility Society

“The European Fertility Society has been established to help patients during their fertility journey. During the past 12 months, we have been working hard to bring experts to patients’ homes – via our webinar platform in various languages. On the other hand, we have taken the first step to bring “the fertility standards” into clinics – working on Patient Care Guidance with a team of professionals led by dr. Guliana Baccino. These two projects have been the core of our activities in the past year and we believe they will help both patients and clinics to work together as partners and to create much more than only a seller-consumer relationship.” adds Aleksander Wiecki, Vice Chairman of the European Fertility Society.

“Today marks the first year of the European Fertility Society’s operation. I share a similar mission with the society – I believe that through neutral assessment and validation of the quality of reproductive medicine services and applying high-quality standards, based on the developed Guidelines, together, we can make a difference in patient care on a bigger scale and promote good practices in customer care. I’m looking forward to another year working with EFS!” writes Dr. Claudia Mika, Chair Certification Committee, Executive Committee Member

As of today, the European Fertility Society has 105 members (13 clinics and 92 reproductive health professionals) around the world and 4 committees:

  • the Executive Committee
  • the Scientific Committee responsible for scientific input and guidance,
  • the Certification Committee responsible for certification within patient care standards (Fertility Care Awards) and
  • the Committee of National Representatives operates globally and assists fertility clinics, patient organisations as well as a reproduction societies in focusing on patient-centredness.

The European Fertility Society has also entered two partnerships: with MyJourney project of Cardiff University and Leeaf App. MyJourney is a self-help interactive program based on Contextual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that provides step-by-step support for people who could not have the children they wished for and to ease acceptance of their unfulfilled wish for children. Our other Partner, the Leeaf App uses AI to prescribe hyper-personalized treatments for IVF patients that serve as a transparent decision supporting tool for IVF physicians.

We have gained two Corporate Supporters: Fairfax CryoBank, the trusted source for donor sperm and – a one-stop-shop for fertility patients who are looking for answers to the questions that are important in their fertility journey.

The European Fertility Society is continuously expanding and helping more patients and guiding more clinics every month. We work with 7 national representatives that cover the UK, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Holland and Norway.

During the last 12 months, we have also developed 6 Training Programmes for fertility clinics and 1 Fertility Patient Care Guidance.

In November 2021, we have announced the 13 Fertility Care Awards Winners and 10 Highly Commended clinics and organisations. 3 new MyIVFanswers fertility webinar platforms have been launched that have already performed 13 webinars in Spanish, 26 webinars in Italian and 137 webinars in English!

“As The European Fertility Society reaches its first birthday, I’d like to say how proud I am to represent the society in the United Kingdom! By advocating on a global scale for improvements to fertility patient care, the EFS is extending valuable support and knowledge to both patients and the fertility clinics who are assisting them. EFS is playing a vital role in the world of fertility.”

Clare Goulty, Head of Country Development (UK)

“Today the EFS is one year old. I would like to wish this Society to live at least one hundred years since its work and its mission are fundamental to accompany the patient during his difficult journey towards motherhood. As a patient assistant for six years, I am proud to be part of EFS, whose mission I believe is fundamental within the field of assisted reproduction in Europe.”

Michela Colasanti, Head of Country Development (Spain)

“The EFS (European Fertility Society) celebrates its first birthday. Congratulations! As the Dutch representative of the EFS, I can only be proud. The cooperation with this organisation of passionate fertility professionals has been very successful in the past year. This shows the importance of having a platform like the European Fertility Society. Let’s continue this fantastic work in the coming years. Cheers!”

Anneke Janssen, Head of Country Development (the Netherlands)

“Today is the first year of EFS, the European Fertility Society. Its birthday falls on December 8, an important day as a dogma of the conception and in which we usually dedicate ourselves to the Christmas tree and the crib. In this casual synergistic moment, EFS is strengthened in its mission to give its contribution to the world of Fertility in terms of education and training.

Best wishes to the EFS, so that over the years it can be a point of reference for industry players and patients interested in living motherhood and fatherhood as an important experience of Life and Awareness!”

Stefano Urbani, Head of Country Development (Italy)

The European Fertility Society will definitely continue the efforts to assist both patients and clinics in the coming year with a clear goal in mind – to advocate universal improvements in patient care worldwide. If you wish to join the society, discover the membership opportunities here: for fertility clinics and for professionals.