Enhancing Patient Support and Experience in Fertility Journeys

The European Fertility Society is an evidence based society that gives tools, support and education to patients and fertility clinics.
We Care.


We provide comprehensive fertility education. Our resources offer expert advice, valuable information, and practical tips to support your journey to parenthood. Whether exploring treatments or learning about reproductive health, we guide you with the latest insights and support.


We are dedicated to advancing research on patient care in fertility. Our section offers the latest findings, innovative studies, and insights aimed at improving fertility treatments and outcomes.

Patients Care Guidance

The aim is to provide wider coverage of key aspects of the patient care at fertility clinics, to give continuous support to patient care specialists and consequently contribute to improving patient care.

Fertility Care Awards

Recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary efforts of clinics, organizations, and innovators dedicated to enhancing patient care in the fertility industry. These awards shine a spotlight on those who prioritize patient care.

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