Ilan Geva becomes Co-chairman of the Strategy Committee

The team at the European Fertility Society is happy to announce that Ilan Geva has joined EFS and has been appointed as Co-chairman of the Strategy Committee. Together with Sandeep Sharma, Ilan will participate in many significant organizational growth and strategy initiatives.

Ilan works with Vmarsh Healthcare UAE as a Senior Director of Strategy, Head of the Americas, and US office. Additionally, he is a university lecturer, author, speaker, trainer, and expert in consumer behavior and global branding. He co-wrote the book “Global Brand Management” and contributed to a number of international publications on healthcare and medical travel. His clientele includes city councils, hospital groups, private clinics, chambers of commerce, medical travel clusters, and ministries of health, trade, and commerce.

Ilan taught Branding at the University of Chicago and Consumer Behavior & Marketing at DePaul University. He is currently an instructor at the Center for Medical Tourism Research – UIW in San Antonio and Loyola University in Chicago

Ilan talks at numerous international conferences, serves on the editorial board of the Healthcare Standards Institute Journal and helps numerous multinational customers build profitable brands.