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The main aim of the European Fertility Society is to promote interest in, and understanding of, fertility patient care. EFS collaborates globally and advocates for universal improvements in patient care as well as for equal access to professional assisted human reproduction services. We provide patient care guidance and recommendations that are to enhance patients’ comfort and experience during their fertility journey. Our Society cooperates with, among others, IVF clinics, patient organizations and human reproduction societies to improve the quality of fertility patient care. Our activities include online education and support, professional accreditation and certification, as well as developing and maintaining data registries.

We welcome members from all over the world and of various disciplines. Feel free to join our Society!


Jakub Dejewski, Chairman


Dr. Giuliana Baccino, Scientific Chairman

Membership Benefits

Annual Business Membership Benefits
& Listing Components
3.000 EUR

Online event (EN, IT, ES, FR, DE or UA) performed by your clinic with EFS topic which includes:
free platform, mailing to potential patients per event and promotion of the events on social media


Business Listing includes:
1. Name, address
2. Business description (up to 150 words)
3. Company logo
4. Link to URL of your choice

Fertility Care Awards
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(membership certificate for all medical and non-medical staff)


E-mailing campaign
to whole patients database


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