The European Fertility Society in charge of – No 1 global fertility webinar platform. (MIA) is an online platform for patients struggling to become parents. Its aim is to respond to fertility patient’s queries efficiently and reliably so that they can have full faith and confidence in the decisions they are taking. This is achieved thanks to educational webinars and fertility experts conducting them: IVF doctors, embryologists, biologists, coaches, psychologists and many other experts from the field. They all share their knowledge and experience and by doing so, provide free support and advice to anyone facing fertility issues.

On December 8, 2020, IVF Media Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland), the creator and owner of, officially handed the platform over to the European Fertility Society. From that moment on, EFS is in charge of all activities on the biggest fertility webinars platform in the world and its members have it at their full disposal. However, the goal of MIA remains the same: its resources and webinars are to educate fertility patients and help them find answers to the most difficult questions regarding infertility, available forms of treatment, their pros, cons and legal aspects. Everyone at the European Fertility Society perfectly realises that IVF treatment is one of the hardest decisions in a person’s life and before anyone decides on it, they need to think it through and consult with specialists.

The scope of tasks delegated to the Society also includes the appointment of Experts Advisory Board. The board will be supporting the quality control activities of content published on and help to set new development directions of the platform. As infertility treatment is a very sensitive issue, the choice of topics and the reliability of experts presenting them has to be thoroughly analysed and thought out beforehand.