Michela Colasanti


Head of Country Development.
Spain, France.

Michela Colasanti graduated in International Relations and Communication at the University of Perugia. She successfully completed the NOHA – European Master Degree in International Humanitarian Aid in Bilbao. She took further specializations as Gender Expert at the FLACSO University in Buenos Aires and the UNDP online University. She worked several years as a Project Manager in social development and gender projects for the UNWOMEN Agency in Argentina and for a number of NGOs in Bolivia, Colombia, Morocco and Lebanon.

During her career and while travelling around the world she wrote about reproductive Health, Gender Issues, but also about art, music, and travelling.
She has worked in the Fertility field in Barcelona since 2015 as an International Patients Specialist. She is passionate about Assisted Reproduction, Human Rights, Women Empowerment, Cultural Development and Global Happiness for women and men.