MIA Experts Advisory Board meeting for the first time

MyIVFanswers.com Experts Advisory Board, appointed by the European Fertility Society, held their first meeting on December 9-10, 2020. Experts, representing different trends of thought, approaches and practical experience in dealing with fertility patients, debated on the substantive scope of topics to cover in coming online events.

Members of the myIVFanswers.com Experts Advisory Board:
(in alphabetical order)

  • Birol Aydin, Ukraine
  • Sarah Banks, UK
  • Prof. David Cotan, Spain
  • Danny Dafnis, Greece
  • Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva, Ukraine
  • Dr. José Jesús López Gálvez, Spain
  • Dr. Luca Gianaroli, Italy
  • Prof. José A. Horcajadas, Spain
  • Saul Izrahi, Spain
  • Dr. Lars Johansson, Sweden
  • Sue Johnston, US
  • Richard Kvech, Czech Republic
  • Prof. Luciano Nardo, UK
  • Dr. Diana Obidniak, Russia
  • Ahmet Ozyigit, MD, PhD, Cyprus
  • Alain Rico, France 
  • Mandy Rodrigues, South Africa
  • Vladimiro Silva, Portugal
  • Andreia Trigo, UK
  • Dr. Elias Tsakos, Greece
  • Esther Velilla, Spain
  • Darja Wagner, Germany 
  • Dr. Nicole Wagner, Czech Republic
  • Karenna Wood, Australia

The aim of the myIVFanswersc.om (MIA) strategy will remain the same: to educate and support fertility patients. The best IVF specialists will still be conducting high-quality live online events on various topics related to IVF treatments, diagnostics and modern IVF technologies. Patients who are planning to undergo IVF or are in the process of IVF treatment will continue to find relevant knowledge and facts straight from acclaimed fertility experts.

Each video is focused on one topic only. It contains an expert’s detailed presentation and the Questions & Answers session where patients can ask their personal questions live and get their answers. The entire video content is then published on myIVFanswers.com. Their viewers can watch webinar recordings and read transcriptions of all Questions & Answers sessions – it’s all for free.