Stéphanie Toulemonde
Andrew Coutts
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More than ever, are you aware of the needs of international patients?

In this webinar, Stéphanie Toulemonde, a certified professional coach specialized in emotional support during fertility treatments, and Andrew Coutts, the CEO of the International Fertility Company, explored how international patients differ from domestic patients and what should be taken into consideration when accompanying them in their fertility journey.
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Webinar expert:
Stéphanie Toulemonde

Stéphanie is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC)
 who accompanies and support her clients during delicate life situations or during key moments of their professional or personal life. She is specialized in providing support during fertility treatments.

Stéphanie is a cofounder of UMAYA (the first complete fertility platform for patients), CoBloom coaching (a new and innovative program for professionals), and She Oak (a nonprofit association which supports people with fertility problems and/or undergoing treatments of assisted reproduction).

Andrew Coutts

Andrew Coutts is one of the fertility industry’s best-travelled individuals having visited and worked with over 150 clinics worldwide. He is a regular speaker, writer and commentator on fertility travel and the male experience of fertility treatment.

Andrew is the CEO of the International Fertility Company, an independent consultancy which advises both patients and treatment providers on all aspects of international fertility such as access to treatment and marketing.

Webinar overview

A growing number of patients travel abroad to undergo fertility treatments – a worldwide phenomenon called Cross-Border Reproductive Care (CBRC) which can be explained by regulatory, legal, financial or sociocultural reasons, as well as the expertise of some countries in reproductive medicine.

Undergoing fertility treatments is hard, and it is even harder when one has to travel abroad for it. The organisational and logistic aspects are much more complex, and so is the emotional load (stress, difficulties of communication, lack of support during critical phases of the treatments). International patients have therefore very specific needs which need to be addressed by the clinics and by professionals who accompany them in the process.

Topics covered:

  • Sources of stress for additional patients and how clinics can help reduce them.
  • The importance of fluid communication with international patients.
  • Emotional support to international patients.

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EFS Webinars for Professionals
More than ever, are you aware of the needs of international patients?
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May 18 | GMT 11.00 am
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