More and more patients are struggling with infertility in the world today. That’s the reason why patient care experience has become one of the most important factors in patients’ fertility journey. Fertility treatment is a real emotional rollercoaster in every patient’s life. Unfortunately, the route to parenthood is often full of challenges, sacrifices, failures and losses.

The European Fertility Society invites Partners who would like to support our statues activities such as:

  • Promoting knowledge, interest in, and understanding of the importance of fertility patient care.
  • Improving the quality of patient care and access to professional fertility treatments and services.
  • Establishing guidance and recommendations for improving the patient’s comfort and experience of care during their fertility journey.
  • Conducting educational activities and provide online support for patients – both locally and globally.
  • Developing patient care strategies and good practices that support clinics to avoid patient dropout.

We are extremely grateful to all of you who decide to become a part of this significant mission that can literally change the quality of patient care – and consequently, patients’ lives.

If you would like to discuss possible partnership opportunities, please contact the European Fertility Society.

My Journey project of Cardiff University

MyJourney was developed by Cardiff University Fertility Studies, in collaboration with the Portuguese Fertility Association and Fertility Network UK. It is research-based and user-led, with participation from health professionals and people who could not have the children they wished for. MyJourney is a self-help interactive program based on Contextual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that provides step-by-step support to ease acceptance of an unfulfilled wish for children.

MyJourney is currently only accessible to participants who take part in a trial run by Cardiff Fertility Studies. Based on EFS and Cardiff University collaboration on MyJourney Project, this application will be accessible to every EFS member free of charge.

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Fenomatch is a donor management system for fertility clinics and gamete banks that helps them to have a better donor selection process at all levels. With this tool, they can find the most suitable donor with a phenotypic, biometric resemblance and genetic compatibility.

Fenomatch provides extra security, decreasing human error and helping to automate the selection process by establishing an intern protocol for such donor selection.

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Aura provides comprehensive whole-person care for the IVF journey via an easy-to-use patient app.

With personalised support and real-time access to experts and fertility counsellors, Aura supports patients through every step of the treatment journey.

Aura reduces the burden on clinic nurses through evidence-based content and in-app Q&A support, filtering questions and freeing up staff to focus on the clinical.
Aura works in partnership with fertility clinics to improve patient experience, psychosocial health and treatment outcomes in a cost-effective way.

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