Fertility Patients Care Guidance – Pocketbook

Patient-centred care is a complex and constantly evolving concept. The definition and practice of patient-oriented care are also not homogenous – it may vary from clinic to clinic, from doctor to doctor. Despite that, it is clear that every fertility professional should always strive to identify and satisfy their patient’s emotional and physical needs.

Earlier this year, we have released the Fertility Patients Care Guidance – the first guidelines in Europe specifically designed to support fertility professionals in implementing patient-centered systems to their daily practice.

Today we are releasing the abridged version of the Guidance – a concise and optimised pocketbook that conveniently presents valuable and practical material within its five chapters.

We are also making both versions public and open to download to every fertility professional who wants to excel in patient-centered systems and fully support patients in their fertility journey.

CLICK HERE to download the full and pocketbook versions of the guidance.