Piotr Wygocki


Founder and co-CEO of MIM Fertility, a leading Polish deeptech company specializing in cutting-edge AI solutions tailored for the healthcare industry. Renowned researcher and innovator, Piotr holds a PhD in computer science and possesses dual master’s degrees in computer science and mathematics from the University of Warsaw. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw, he brings a wealth of experience encompassing both theoretical and commercial aspects of computer science.

Piotr has distinguished himself as an accomplished expert in artificial intelligence solutions within the field of reproductive health. Notably, he achieved victory in the Kaggle offline competition during KaggleDays Warsaw 2018, showcasing his prowess in the application of AI technologies.

Under Piotr & Ula leadership, MIM Fertility continues to deliver bespoke and innovative AI solutions crafted perfectly to different patients’ needs, and by collaborating closely with IVF clinics to standardise, optimise and automate clinical workflows.Beyond creating flagship products like EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN, the company is dedicated to advancing research and fostering collaboration with physicians and embryologists, aiming to elevate patient care for women throughout their reproductive lives.