Giuliana Baccino, PhD
EFS Webinars Series

How to avoid IVF patient’s dropout?

In this webinar, we will explore the main topics to be addressed to encourage patients to stay after the failed IVF cycle.
February 15 | GMT 1.00 pm / CET 2.00 pm / EET 3.00 pm / EST-MSK 4.00 pm
The number of seats is limited.
The webinar expert:
Giuliana Baccino, PhD

Giuliana is a leading expert in the health and fertility fields with more than 20 years of experience as CEO in fertility clinics, and an international advisor in the public and private sectors. She is also the Coordinator of the Psychology and Counselling group of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and Vice–Chairman of the European Fertility Society (EFS). Giuliana is a lecturer in master’s degrees at several Universities.

Who is this training for?

As a health professional, you will learn to distinguish between who is dropping out the treatment and who is ceasing treatments, so you will be able to focus on how to approach the genuine dropouts. We will also explore the reasons why patients leave our clinic, and we will gain an understanding of different approaches to encourage them to stay. We welcome all IVF clinic’s staff, especially:

  • IVF coordinators & patient care coordinators,
  • IVF nurses & midwives, 
  • IVF doctors,
  • Medical directors.

Why is it worth attending?

Every year, hundreds of new fertility clinics open, so what makes your clinic different from the others? Patient’s satisfaction, little turnover and supportive care can make the difference.

What are the benefits of attending?

You will benefit in many different ways from attending this webinar, such as understanding how patients think, what makes them choose another clinic over yours or which areas of your fertility clinic make the difference from a patient perspective.

Is it a paid event?

EFS Webinars Series events are free for EFS members and paid for non-members. If you are not an EFS member you can save your seat for as little as €100. If you won’t be able to attend you will have access to the recorded event.

Is the number of seats limited?

Yes, due to high interest and to ensure the best experience for the audience, the number of seats is limited.

About this event

Patient dropout has become a major concern for fertility clinics. Whilst fertility staff may believe everything is well organized and patient oriented, a considerable number of patients continue to drop out and discontinue treatment even when they are provided with reasonable opportunities for getting pregnant. In this webinar we will explore the main actions that can be taken to avoid dropouts and what can be improved within the clinic and within the staff team.

EFS Webinars Series
How to avoid IVF patient’s dropout?
Event Date:
February 15 | GMT 1.00 pm
CET 2.00 pm / EET 3.00 pm / EST-MSK 4.00 pm
Participation fee: €100*
*Participation is free for EFS members. Number of seats is limited.
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