The EFS launches its first research and survey – An impact of AI and digital technology applications in IVF

The progressive evolution in the clinical management of IVF treatments since the early 1980s has paved the way for more successful outcomes. Infertility affects millions of couples globally, leading to significant interest in both understanding its causes and developing effective treatments. Now, the EFS has decided to delve into the digital age of IVF clinical management, which faces the challenge of integrating automated methods to centralize patient care even further.

The European Fertility Society undertook the initiative of crafting a comprehensive questionnaire. Therefore, the aim of the research “An impact of artificial intelligence and digital technology applications in IVF” is to gather a holistic understanding of the extent and impact of AI and digital technology usage across fertility clinics.

From March 1st onwards, the EFS has rolled out a comprehensive survey aimed at capturing insights from fertility specialists, researchers, and professionals within the field. The study is conducted via survey deployed by Qualtrics and is expected to take less than 10 minutes to complete. It will take one month until March 31 to collect responses.

The survey is available here:

The EFS encourages active participation from professionals across the fertility care spectrum, including clinicians, researchers, embryologists, and technologists. Participants can contribute to shaping the future of fertility care and driving positive change within the field by sharing their perspectives, experiences, and insights through this survey.