The European Fertility Society has established a partnership with ClickMeeting

We are delighted to enter into a new partnership with ClickMeeting to use their service to educate patients . This initiative will enable us to further enhance the delivery of valuable knowledge and support to our patients on their journey to health and a better understanding of their health situation. With ClickMeeting, we will be able to provide interactive online meetings, presentations and workshops that will be available to our patients in a convenient and accessible way.

In the age of remote working and online teaching, Clickmeeting provides technology ideally suited to effective collaboration, meetings and online communication. The ClickMeeting platform was founded in 2011 and over the years has established itself as a complete webinar solution for education, business and non-profit organisations of all sizes.

It helps thousands of teachers, trainers, marketers, salespeople and managers around the world to stay connected and share their knowledge and experiences by hosting online events at whatever scale. Clickmeeting now also supports the mission of the European Fertility Society in patient education by offering its solutions.