The European Fertility Society in charge of – fertility education platform

In a significant move toward enhancing patient education and support in the realm of fertility, the European Fertility Society (EFS) has recently takeover, a prominent website known for its educational resources and patient-centric approach.

The acquisition marks a pivotal moment in the landscape of fertility education, positioning the EFS as an educational platform for patients seeking information and guidance on reproductive health and assisted reproductive technology (ART).

On January 1, 2024, IVF Media Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland), the creator and owner of, officially handed the platform over to the European Fertility Society. From that moment on, EFS is in charge of all activities on the biggest fertility education platform in the world and its members have it at their full disposal. Everyone at the European Fertility Society perfectly realizes that IVF treatment is one of the hardest decisions in a person’s life. Therefore, the goal of FertiAlly remains the same: its resources and webinars are to educate fertility patients and help them find answers to the most difficult questions regarding infertility, available forms of treatment, their pros, cons, and legal aspects. Before anyone decides on IVF, they need to think it through and consult with specialists. Patients will have access to evidence-based information on fertility treatments, reproductive health, and lifestyle factors affecting fertility, all curated by leading experts in the field.

Through this strategic collaboration, the EFS seeks to address the growing need for reliable and accessible information in the field of fertility. By leveraging FertiAlly’s expertise and resources, the society aims to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals, fostering a more informed and empowered patient community.

As the largest educational platform for patients, the EFS remains dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in fertility care, paving the way for a brighter and more informed future for individuals and families worldwide.