Helping IVF clinics learn from one another

The Clinic Exchange Programme

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This programme is a clinical, operational and enterprise benchmarking programme between two equally sized fertility clinics who would like to learn from each other through an exchange visit. Through the programme, the participant receives benefits such as:

  • Create a better customer experience and treatment outcome
  • Improve your skills and knowledge
  • Increase your productivity and achieve better results

The Approach

Through knowledge sharing, employees can access a wider range of information which will facilitate better performance.

Stimulating innovation

Stimulating innovation and growth helps company members to be more productive and able to come up with new ideas and strategies.


This Programme will help you to grow your brand awareness by introducing your clinic to professionals from other countries in the IVF industry.


The new knowledge and skills that employees will gain can help save time and resources.


This programme is designed for two equal sized fertility clinics.
This programme is run in English.


Jakub Dejewski
Chairman, the European Fertility Society

Knowledge sharing is essential in every clinic and organisation. It can be implemented in a variety of ways, from a physical whiteboard to complex exchange programmes. Therefore, due to its flexible nature and set-up ease, learning and knowledge sharing is a must in your organisation if you want to achieve great success.

Sandeep Sharma
Chairman of the Strategy Committee and MENA Region

If you want to continue to develop your clinic, you will certainly need new knowledge and skills. Do you know what you will be missing in your development over the next 3-5 years? Which areas would you like to develop in the next 3-5 years? The Clinic Exchange Programme is designed to help you consider and answer such questions with the help of your peers within the fertility field.


Ilan Geva
Co-Chair of the Global Strategy Committee - European Fertility Society

As a business, you must grow, you have to build future business all the time. This growth process is completely dependent on knowledge, personal motivation and expertise. None of us possesses complete knowledge, or expertise but all of us can learn from each other. Allow yourself the luxury of becoming better by sharing. We are happy to assist.





Target demographic. 



The facility and the service.  


Type of pricing to adopt for services offered & the facility established.



Step 1:

Identifying two equally sized clinics who express an interest in such an activity.
Step 2:
Individual Assessment.

Evaluating three Strategic Pillars: People, Product and Price of each clinic to establish benchmarks and development points.
Step 3.
Report Preparation.

Compilation of an individual report for each clinic.
Step 4.
Findings Workshop.

Meeting with the clinics to discuss the assessment outcomes, assess the merits of each and identify areas of knowledge exchange.
Step 5.
Exchange Execution.

Carrying out the exchange.


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Programme fee and duration depends directly on the scope of the exchange.