Engaging fertility patients from the initial steps of their treatment.

Fertility Patient Care Training Programme

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This program is designed for non-medical and medical staff of fertility clinics across different functions who are interested in implementing actions and improving clinic processes to avoid patient dropout. It provides managers and staff working with patients with essential information for transforming their organization. This program also includes demonstrations of case studies to show good and bad practices, as well as practical recommendations on how to avoid dropout.

Engaging patients

Ask yourself if you are engaging or disengaging patients during their journey with your clinic.

Long term approach

Learn that it is not only the first impression that matters and discover how to build long term engagement.

Human Factor

Understand the roles and importance of coordination between each department of the clinic.


This programme is designed for fertility professionals and staff support. It can be dictated in English, Spanish and Italian. The programme requires you to have a device and 1 Mbps (or faster) Internet connection. The device on which you access the program should support one of the following browsers: Chrome 71, Firefox 64, IE 11, Edge 42, Safari 11. The organizers reserve the right to change any details of the Program without notice.


Jakub Dejewski
Chairman, the European Fertility Society

With the increasing competition from fertility clinics around the world and the growing awareness patients it is crucial for clinics to learn how to create a positive experience. Engaging patients from the very start of their fertility journey is key to achieving that goal. As the first fertility patient care organization in Europe we want to support clinics in improving relations with their patients by offering training delivered by the most esteemed professionals in the field. We believe that participation in our programs will increase awareness of the importance of positive patient experience on their journey to parenthood

Giuliana Baccino
programme lecturer, Vice Chairman, the European Fertility Society

Nowadays we face an oversupply of fertility clinics around the world. Online communication and marketing strategies allow them to reach new patients worldwide. But why is it when many potential patients contact the clinic only a fraction of these go on to start fertility treatment? Is there something the fertility staff can do? How can it be done? In this course we will learn how to engage more patients in those crucial initial steps when they compare different clinics and finally choose one over the other.


This course aims to be interactive and in a live format. The programme includes 3 live hours, divided in 3 modules. It is recommended that at least one person from each department in the fertility clinic attends.


  • Making clear what fertility patients want.
  • Giving proper resources to the staff.
  • The importance of a committed team.


  • Why should we offer different services?
  • Different patients, different approaches.
  • The importance of a positive experience from the beginning.


  • Giving motives to stay or to walk away
  • Case studies


Giuliana Baccino
Psychologist, and PhD in Health Sciences is in charge of the ”How to avoid Fertility Patient Dropout” course.

Giuliana is a leading expert in the health and fertility fields with more than 20 years of experience as CEO in fertility clinics, and an international advisor in the public and private sectors. She is also Coordinator of the Psychology and Counselling group of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and Vice–Chairman of the European Fertility Society (EFS). Giuliana is lecturer in master’s degrees at several Universities.


EUR 1,500
Online course.
Flexible schedule.
Price for non-members is EUR 2,000.
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