The European Fertility Society now to give IVF AWARD.

By agreement between The European Fertility Society and IVF Media Ltd., in consideration of the mission for which The European Fertility Society was established, the IVF AWARD competition will be continued by The European Fertility Society. IVF AWARD is a recognition given to the most patient-friendly and care-centred IVF clinics since 2015.

IVF AWARD was established in order to promote patient care good practice in IVF centres. Applicants, operating as licensed healthcare providers in their respective countries for at least two years, should be working to improve the quality of their reproductive care and non-clinical services. The Award categories include, among others, ‘Best patient care and support’, ’Outstanding patient experience during IVF treatment’ and “Transparency and collection of treatment outcomes’. The entries are judged by an independent panel of experts – representatives of all areas of the reproductive medicine field (e.g. fertility coaches, consultants or psychologists). The winners are chosen on the basis of judges’ combined ratings.

Every infertility case is different and every treatment requires a great deal of expertise and empathy. That’s why all the medical teams that do their best to ensure stress-free and comfortable fertility journey for all their patients should be appreciated and recognised. The winners of IVF AWARD prove that they have mastered organising the stages of treatment to make the entire process smooth and obstacle-free. For them, IVF AWARD is a confirmation that the patient-centred treatment they offer positively distinguishes them from their competitors.