Viki Peeters becomes the EFS National Representative in Belgium!

We are delighted to announce that Viki Peeters has joined the European Fertility Society (EFS) as the National Representative of Belgium. Becoming a mother involved a challenging journey marked by difficulties and misunderstanding for her. Through this experience, Viki learned the importance of empathetic guidance for women aspiring to have children—a support she personally lacked. This realization inspiring her to transition into the role of a fertility coach as an expert with firsthand experience. We warmly welcome her and look forward to collaborating on initiatives that will benefit both professionals and patients in Belgium.

Viki Peeters is is a professional, certified coach. As a child wish coach, she talks to 40+ women through their decision and follow-up processes, such as egg donation and sperm donation. She has guided over two hundreds of women and couples from various countries.

As the National Representative of Belgium, Viki will serve as a vital link between EFS and the fertility community in Belgium. Viki’s appointment as the National Representative of Belgium reinforces our commitment to advancing fertility care globally.

Together, we can work towards advancing fertility care and making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and couples seeking to build their families.